Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Hand Me No Lines....

...and keep your hands to yourself! Or so the old Georgia Satellites classic goes...and too bad more fans all over baseball don't take heed of that refrain, and keep their hands to themselves!

I'm speaking specifically, of course, about the fan's touching of the Daniel Murphy double in last night's game that kept Jose Reyes from scoring, the touching causing the ground rules to take effect on a ball Reyes could ordinarily have easily scored on from first base.

I'll never understand how people who claim to be fans of a team would do anything in the stands to hurt the chances of their supposed favorite team winning. This includes idiots who heckle the home players every chance they get; idiots who throw things on the field; idiots who snap photos in the eyes of players at crucial moments; and yes, Virginia, idiots who for whatever reason have to reach out and touch someone...or something. Like balls such as the one Daniel Murphy hit last night. I don't know, maybe it's a reflex thing, or maybe it's a selfish desire to catch a keepsake or become a part of the game... but if I'm in the stands and I'm paying attention to the game, I'm not doing or touching anything that would put my team behind the eight ball.

So if you're a fan, at the game, and you wanna reach out and touch someone...or someTHING... please save your irresistible urges for foul balls, bats which accidentally fly into the stands, paper flying past your face, or the hot guy's as...... er, I mean, uh, never mind.....!!!!!

Whew, ok, now. That being said, this offense is really grating. It's almost as annoyingly bothersome as is the whole Ollie Perez Jekyll/Hyde thingy. While home runs are nice, they're not the only way to score runs, hint hint, Mets! And frankly, with the Big Bopper mentality, I think sometimes the players don't think as much about Small Ball as they should. And they tend to get on base and wait around for someone to smack the big one.

Right now, the Mets are just not putting it all together. They're off kilter a bit, and need to settle down and get down to business.

So, as Kool and The Gang once said... GET DOWN ON IT!

Sometimes, I just crack myself up!

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