Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the Big Pussy's Pick of the Month Goes To...

None other than Mr. Face-of-the-Franchise, Mr. Future-Mets-Star, Mr. American Idol, Day-vid Wright! (to be said like the Mets PA announcer at CitiField)

This fan exiting CitiField after Wednesday, April 29th's horrific game against the Marlins says it all - no one wants to admit they're a Mets fan, and no one wants to admit they have a David Wright jersey. No one wants to know him. Mets fans want to forget his name*.

It seems a bit unfair to be picking on "The Face" when he's done so much for the Mets in the past. In 2006, he was Yankee and Brave killer #1. In 2007, he was an All-Star starter and a Gold Glove. In 2008, he rebounded from an incredibly painfully slow start to put up great numbers.

Admittedly, Mets fans expect too much from him at times. We want him to rip the cover off the ball anytime there are men on base, we want him to make sparkling gems of plays at third base 24/7, to have an ear-to-ear grin on his face when they win and to lose sleep and cry with every loss. Not for nothing, I like say it's the FANS who are the Mets, not the mercenaries in uniforms. But D-Dubs. He's one of us.

However, ever since the late-season collapse once again in 2008 and the incredibly visible striking out with Daniel Murphy on third with no outs lead-off-triple in the bottom of the 9th against the Cubs (who had nothing to play for at that point), what does David Wright do?

Strikes out, leading to a dick move from Lou Pineilla to intentionally walk Dos Carloses, to get Brian Schneider to ground out into a fielder's choice and subsequently ends the mini-rally started by D-Murphy.

David got a lot of flak for that. And gave him the moniker "D-Wrod" which is a nod to another famous pussy-esque NY-based third baseman who seems more into padding his own stats and kissing his own image than helping his inflated team win a championship.

But David Wright is no A-Rod. A-Rod has, for all intents and purposes, proven his worth by hitting over-.300 each year, driving in lots of runs and winning MVPs every other year it seems. David Wright has a LONG way to go before being fairly compared to Alex Rodriguez.

It is NOT too early to see him cave under pressure and call him out on that, so let's do it!

David, you have to understand that while you wear your emotions on your sleeve, you play in New York. Mets fans want to see you succeed and your free goodwill pass has all but expired. The reason is not NOT coming through in the clutch, NOT letting key ground balls bounce off your chest at key moments in the game, NOT driving in many runs this early in the season.

The reason your free pass has expired is because you are soft, you are thin-skinned and we know it gets to you.

What else can I say that hasn't been said already about David Wright? Sure he's gotten off to a slow start and I know he is WAY too talented to fester all season. I have to believe as a die-hard Mets fan he will come around.

But I will leave you, dear readers, with this little anecdote. When The Coop was growing up, sure, she was always a Mets fan. But I used to follow baseball teams with my dad, Mr. E who played baseball pools. My favorite player was Cal Ripken, Jr. And when he retired, Mr. E and I went to Baltimore for his final game and number retirement ceremony.

David Wright, being from the Delmarva region, also has said "Rip" was his favorite player and will always try to play to his level.

But friends, I think we all agree he has a LONG way to go before becoming "Iron Man."

I leave you with this final thought. David Wright - I know Cal Ripken. And sir, YOU are no Cal Ripken.

And sir, you ARE a big fuckin' pussy. Grow a pair already and lead this team out of the doldroms and play some exciting baseball for fuck's sake.


Gary said...

I'm gonna have to chime in here. Yeah, he's playing like shit. And not hitting in the clutch. But that's about all this kid has in common with A-Roid. DW cares. He plays his heart out. He's a good kid. I even bet he doesn't do roids. He's just pressing and stressing out. Does that mean he's earning his money? Well, I agree he ain't getting the job done, but that doesn't mean he's a BP. Now Carlos "I'll take a stroll and walk into the tag at 2nd base" now that's a swinging BP if I ever saw one.

Deb said...

First, Coop, this was an excellent choice, and I could not agree more with

To me, DW's "troubles" are a metaphor for what's going on with this entire fucky sucky asswipe team of ours. They have no grit, no heart, no energy, no drive, no rhythm, no nothing. They are as flat as a prepubescent's chest, and as energetic as a fucking snail.

So now the game is clean - no steroids, no greenies, no two coffee pots. Careful what you ask for, baseball fans -- you just might have gotten it *snicker.*

And somebody has to grow a fucking pair of balls, and step up... and I wouldn't bet on David doing that. To me, he's a Mike Piazza type, and as great as Mike was, we all know, he was no leader.

Coop said...

G - I had a tough time picking between the two but like I said, Carlos B gets a pass (at least till next week) for his big pussy-dom. DW on the other hand was more symbolic - exemplifies what is wrong with the mets - lack of clutch hitting, bad hops, bad luck, pressure, etc. Big Pussy is not a bad thing - we here at GBU simply like to call it a "motivating tool." LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate having fans like you.

Deb said...

LOL. At least SOME of us have the guts to put our identities where our words are, Mr. "Anonymous" *snicker.*

Anonymous said...

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