Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Sleep.... exactly the terminology I'd use to describe the Met season thus far, at least from a fan's watching standpoint.

The Big Sleep.

The Big Yawn.

The Big Nothing.

Welcome to another season of tantalizingly sub-par Mets baseball, courtesy of the poorly constructed Met lineup and the blazing ennui of most of its participants.

The Big Sleep.

I've said for a couple of years now that I dislike the make-up of this team; Gary, Keith and Ron so much as agreed with that, and stated so publicly, during the post-game broadcast of the last 2008 Met game. Anybody else but me remember? Because, boy, it sure seems as if Gary, Keith and Ron don't! I specifically recall all THREE of them opining that the core of the team needed changing...and what do we have this year, Mets fans? The same rotten apple core we had last year, and the year before that. Now, I grant you, taken individually, most of these guys seem, at least on paper, to be genuinely solid and borderline spectacular players, but taken together, there is just something missing.

And Omar & Co. just don't seem to get it. Or if they do, they seem to operate under the assumption that working on one part of the team at a time is enough. Or perhaps, more accurately, is all they're capable of doing.

But let's deal with what we have at the moment, shall we? More specifically...the lineup. We'll start at the bottom -- Brian Schneider, Luis Castillo, and the pitcher du jour. Schneider, in my opinion, should be batting eighth, period. Batting Castillo eighth, regardless of his somewhat checkered past years, is a huge waste, not to mention it doing nothing for his ego, which is equally troublesome, again, in my opinion. I still believe he belongs second in the lineup, behind Reyes, if for no other reason than those two really seem to work well together and feed off each other.

I still don't like The Two Carloses back to back, and I don't like David Wright in the three hole, period. At least, not thus far this year, and maybe not ever.

And while we're at it, I still don't believe Jerry Manuel is the right manager for this team.

And in case you don't believe this team still isn't a team, witness Johan Santana's remarks about Daniel Murphy after yesterday's game. Although he doesn't really throw Murphy to the dogs, he basically blames the loss on Danny, and conveniently forgets about the fact that the rest of his fucking team managed to score only one run and basically look totally lame and lacking while doing it.

The Big Sleep. Yawn. I'm already bored to tears, and it's only the first week of the season.


Coop said...

Deb this is awesome and I am so 100% with you. I predicted that this team would win 92 games (or was it 93? I don't remember now LOL) - but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost like 93 games. CoreyNYC over at Metsie had a great piece, throwing Omar under the bus. Usually I jump to his defense, BUT I told Corey he was only half-right about blaming Omar. This is ALL ON THE WILPONS HONEY. All of it. From losing $$ to the Madoff scheme to the bad economy. Plus not to mention the Wilpons should keep doing what they do best and that's making money. Shut up and sign the checks. I was talking last night also that the line up does need some shaking up. Castillo should be batting NINTH and Beltran should be 2nd. Another thought my friend brought up was this - bat Reyes 3rd. I didn't know what to think but when he's aggressive, the whole team chemistry is up.

I also think Omar erred by not getting Derek Lowe and Pudge. Schneider needs to go. So does Castillo.

As for Murphy, no one is harder on him than he is. But here's a fun fact...HE'S NOT AN OUTFIELDER!!!

This team lacks depth and we are going to suffer for it all season. Expect to see a lot of these games. It won't end here.

Happy opening day!

Deb said...

Thank God it's not just me thinking these evil Met thoughts... *insert Snidely Whiplash snicker here.*