Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Strangeness Continues....

...and watching Mets baseball, lately, is kind of like watching The Twilight Zone; only you wanna change that channel, and touch that dial, and do something to get the strange and somewhat unreal Met team this year off of your cloud....!!!!!

In what has to be the strangest play of the year thus far, Ryan Church, while running the bases in the top of the 11th inning, scoring what everyone assumed was the go-ahead run, apparently failed to touch third base, a fact which an extremely alert Joe Torre happened to pick up immediately, appealing the play to the third base umpire by having his infield throw the ball to the third baseman, Mark Loretta, who was standing on the bag; the umpire then promptly calling Ryan Church out.

Sorry for the run-on sentence, but really, that's how it happened. Just like that. And if you think the sentence was confusing, cumbersome and poorly constructed; well, just take a good look at this team.

And frankly, that's the only excuse I can think of to explain why it appears that Jerry Manuel doesn't have a brain in his fucking head.

And if you think MY sentences are run-on and going nowhere in the pursuit of trying to convince you that I'm having a real thought or two, and have any clue at all that I know even a smattering of what the hell I'm talking about -- well, I offer you any pre- or post-game press conference, or for that matter, ANY press conference, featuring the aforesaid Jerry Manuel.

These not only make you scratch your head; they also make you wonder how the hell a guy who can barely utter a coherent thought, much less have one, could have possibly captured the reins of a major league baseball team in the largest city in the world.

Have we really regressed this far?


Rickey Henderson said...

Wait, since when is Joe Torre "alert"?

You know Church didn't touch the base if Joe Torre was roused from his bigelow tea induced coma to comment on it.

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