Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bizarro Jerry....

...and NO, I ain't talking about THIS Bizarro Jerry; I'm speaking, of course, about our very own Bizarro Jerry Manuel. Honestly, I kind of blame myself for his el stupido last night, because I should never have started the whole Bizarro Mets thingy, but, well...anyway...

Someone please explain to me why everyone in the ballpark, including the bugs, the stands, and the food in the concessions, knew that Pedro Feliciano, a lefty specialist, should NEVER have been left in (no pun intended) to pitch to a right handed hitter who, according to the announcers, absolutely kills left hand pitching...except, of course, the lovely Bizarro Jerry.

I swear, sometimes Bizarro Jerry leaves me scratching my head and other various and sundry assorted body parts, all of which I won't mention here out of good taste.

Even though Wright and Reyes made key errors (especially Reyes' error in the later innings, which opened the door for Bizarro Jerry to make his Bizarro non-move), lay this one at the foot of the Bizarre.

Or should I say, The Bizarro Jerry.