Friday, May 15, 2009

Seven Stolen Bases... last night's game.


And here's a question for you kiddies out there. And that question is, how many of those do you think Jose Reyes got?

And the answer is, of course - NONE! It's a trick question! Jose didn't play last night due to a sore calf, but as I said in my Quick Recap, one wonders if it it's his calf, or his ass, wherein the problem lies.

Or perhaps in his head, which is woefully devoid of good baseball instinct. While some of Jose's faux-pas can be attributed to the condition of humanity (i.e., we all make mistakes), and yet others can be attributed to lack of maturity, while yet others can be blamed on "injuries," there lies a huge pool of errors, bad judgments, mistakes, dudley-do-wrongs, foibles, potent poopables, gaffes, miscues and just plain bad baseball that goes on with Reyes that simply cannot be explained any other way.

Or perhaps, like the man in the picture, he is just confused.


Here's another thing - the Sheffield thing. Now, today I've listened to WFAN, and I'm hearing some of the show hosts talk about David Wright's taking of the reins of leadership last night, and Beltran's clutch hitting, and the team playing like a team, with focus, with thought, with something resembling (at last) good, or maybe just decent, fundamental baseball, and my thoughts turned to Gary Sheffield.

You guys remember him, right? The Fifth Outfielder, The Extra Man, The Man Without A Team, The Man Nobody Wanted?

And I'm thinking, not only is the game of baseball surrounded by and made up of a bunch of fools, but this is the kind of guy who could really make a difference in the clubhouse and on the field by the way he plays the game.

And last night, he did.

It's not Wright, dummies. Or maybe it is, but it isn't ONLY Wright. Nobody seems willing to credit the presence of Sheffield, with his quiet professionalism, his knowledge of the game, his desire to play it right, and his willingness to get down and dirty.

I'm going to be very interested to watch what happens to this team with Sheff on the field now that Delgado may be down and out for awhile.