Friday, April 9, 2010

The "If Only" Game

I know it's early in the season, but it's never too early to play a game. Just ask any baseball fan... but anyway, here's the scoop. Let's trying playing the "If Only" Game today, huh? You know how that one's kind of a wishful thinking, find an excuse, use your imagination, spend a little time pondering kind of game.

OK, let's start off with this one: IF ONLY David Wright were as smart in his baseball game as he is in his off-the-field endorsements, say, like the recent one with Vitamin Water! Leads me to wonder if all the brains in the David Wright camp don't belong to David Wright. Now before you crucify me, I've been watching this kid for years now, and it occurs to me over the past year or two that he isn't the brightest knick knack on the shelf...he just doesn't seem to get it, sometimes. And he has that kind of vague, what-am-I-doing type of look on his face much too often for my taste. He's kind of got the Mike Piazza thing going on - kind of a vacuous, insular manner, a seemingly no cares exterior that sometimes drives a fan, well, bonkers.

If people (yes, that means any of YOU!) are expecting D.W. to be a leader on this or any other team, I think, well, IF ONLY you would see the writing on the Citifield wall, and get over it, already! This guy will never be more than a good/very good complementary player. He isn't a guy one builds a team around. He doesn't have the brains, charisma, leadership or other "outside of baseball" qualities that would earn him that right.

IF ONLY the Mets knew that. *Sigh*

So back to the game.

How about this one: IF ONLY Jose Reyes could stay healthy. IF ONLY he had a better attitude and outlook. IF ONLY there would have been a banana peel in the path of Jerry Manuel's ascendance into the manager's job. IF ONLY Omar Minaya could utter one.single.sentence not including the words "you know" or even better, "you know what I mean?" This guy has got to be the most ignorant sounding GM out there. And if he isn't, I want to know who is.

IF ONLY we could make even one solid #2 starter by combining John Maine, Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey.

IF ONLY Fred Wilpon were as bright as he is well meaning.

IF ONLY I had something more interesting or positive to say so I wouldn't have to write this pap.



thomas said...

All i can say to lat night's game is YES!

Big Pelf finally may be comin around, i've been behind him since day one, Dingo can back me up on this one.

In fact, so far the starting pitching hasn't been terribly bad. Johan was good, Maine, well not good, but only down three when he leaves, i'll take it for a first start, and niease had a Quality (average)start. Now Pelf, with a Real Quality Start.

The pen, at least as far as Nieve, Pedro, and KRod have all been very good, and Mejia had a good inning last night.

Franky and CatchRod, SlowRod, Rowdy Roddy barajas came throughlast night. Always liked Franky, even when he was a brave. Yes i refuse to use that other nickname, i hate the French.

How's this for an early season stat, Mets ERA 3.16, Mets runs/game 5.5. So all in all, great game, Decent start to the season even though we're just 2-2, and are playing the Marlins and Nationals. But i'll take it. Let's keep it rolling Ollie, don't spoil Reye's debut.


thomas said...

Ok, so maybe i was being a lil too positive a lil too soon. Why are you guys MIA?!?!

Deb said...

Where are WE????? The better question is, where are THEY????? Meaning the Mets, of course. Frankly, Thomas, I've already said it all. There is nothing more to say. This organization's a mess. Face it.

thomas said...

Oh i agree with that. I just think we still have talent, and regarless of the hapless management, they have to step up and decide to win inspite of it.

I have to go back to my MAntra....

Bobby V. Bobby V. Bobby V.

I just hope they play well the 2nd and 23rd. this trip isn't a cheap one for me and could be ruined if they play terrible. i'm not saying they even have to win, just play well.

Deb said...

I have no desire to bring back Bobby V. We need to move FORWARD, not back. And if you look at the makeup of this team, and recall some of the problems Bobby V had towards the end of his tenure as manager here, you may come to the conclusion that at this juncture, he isn't the right guy for this team.

I say bring in new blood, from the top down.

thomas said...

i'm all for replacing Omar too. But i don't feel there is anyone better than Bobby V. This has always been my contention. It should've been phillips who went before BV and i believe things would've went a lot better.


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